We have created five accounts into which our clients can invest. We believe that these account will be able to carter for the financial needs of our clients no matter what they may be.

  • Convenience Account: This account has been designed to facilitate all the deposit (into this platform), withdrawals (from this platform), and the investments into other accounts that our clients might ever intend. At the maturity of any of your investments the benefits are first deposited into your convenience account where you can decided to withdraw them or invest them again.

  • Trust Seed Account: YMD ENGINEERING is a promising startup and while we are looking to raise money to increase our share of the money market, we are also looking to share our success with our members. Trust seed account has been designed to look after the investment need of customers looking to invest in a growing Internet Company. The promised return (which are a typical example of all our interest rate) has been set to differentiate Trust Capital from the unreal high yield investment programs available online and to offer a true and achievable investment return spread over a minimum period of 36 months. On this account you get a return on investment of 1% simple interest per month every month until the end of the investment period you signed up for when upon your capital (principal) will be returned to you.

  • Premium Seed Account: Our premium seed account works like a pension fund. it allows you to deposit a fixed amount of money on a monthly bases ( between #2000 to #15000: the choice is yours.) Where in each of your deposits will begin to accrue you a compound interest of 2% per month. At the end of your investment period (minimum of three years,) your principal plus your interest will be remitted to you. This account is for every kind of investor, for the experienced as well as the inexperienced, for the financially buoyant investor as well as the less buoyant investor. Whatever the case you should know that this account has being designed to reward those with a long term perspective: in essence the longer you invest the more you get. You could have multiple contribution running in your Premium Seed account. Just in case you decide to have one for each of your family members. The only catch being that, we charge a #100 monthly fee and 15% of your interest at the end of the investment period. In addition to the above, you are expected to make your monthly deposit on or before 30 days after your previous payment. There are no grace periods. For those who might fail to make their monthly deposit for one reason or another, that particular contribution will be closed. Don't fret. Your previous deposits will keep earning compound interest every month until the end of the investment period you signed up for when upon your principal plus your accrued interest will be remitted into your account. Mean while you could always begin another Premium Seed to ensure greater rewards.

Please note: The interest rates cited above are only quintessential. For the exact interests been offered at any time, please login and click on the link to the account you want to invest in.

We are passionate about making financial inclusion count.